Monday, 24 August 2015

Finding true love..!! finding love..!! Love is life...!!

To love and to be loved in return can make you feel satisfied and happy. Every woman wants her life partner, boyfriend or even people she likes to love her more. Unfortunately, many of us today feel that we are not loved by our life partners or with the passage of time in a relationship, we feel that things are becoming more stagnant. 

It may seem a little strange but the secret of getting more love is to avoid making your life partner or boyfriend your number one priority in life. Respect yourself and try to build a social life out of your relationship. Most men want more challenge in their relationships and are attracted to a challenging personality. Invest time in yourself, look at yourself as a grand prize and pursue your passions, and you will find your life partner loving you more.  

Here are some more secrets to make your life partner love you more

1.       Show Confidence and Turn Away at Times
A visible sign if your life partner is getting bored with the relationship is that he's becoming distant. A good way to get his interest back is to offer a little challenge by turning away from him for some time. It is better to ignore them sometimes (only if you feel that they lack the passion in love, don’t make it a routine) to make them think more about your importance in the relationship. The key is to surprise them with a reality check. 
2.       Avoid Chasing Him
When women get desperate and greedy, they start chasing their men and mostly end up making him run away. What many women don’t understand is that men look at chasing as suffocation and an attack on their freedom and space. Give yourself value instead of following a man, this  is a visible sign of low self esteem and a big turn-off  for men.  

3.       It is Good to remain Silent at Few Occasions
Too much talk turns men off. Avoid flooding the brain of your loved one with unnecessary communication. According to recent research, men use only half of their brain while women use their whole brain, this makes men think in the simple way. Talking too much often confuses and irritates them. Women need to respect this fact that men and women don’t share the same design. If you love to talk, this does not mean that the other person loves to listen. And as many believe, silence is often a mystery that makes men curious which ultimately means more interest in women. 

4.       Come Out of Routine
Following a daily routine can lead to a happy life, but when you start to become inactive in your relationship, all the interest of your loved one starts to fade away. Don’t become too predictable by following everything that your life partner wants from you. Make sure you also have an element of surprise in your relationship. Commit time for yourself alone, instead of spending all the time for your love one.

All in all, you have to act like a grand prize and make yourself interesting to gain the attention of your life partner. Feel passionate about your own goals, social life and hobbies and you will find your partner valuing you again.

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